About Us

Soundwin is Android Panel PC / Digital Signage Solution Provider / Rockchip Solution Provider

Soundwin at a Glance
Founded in 2004, Soundwin is located in Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park in Taiwan. As a Android Panel PC / Digital Signage Solution Provider / Rockchip Solution Provider, Soundwin focus on the software and hardware design, and start to provide the solution for Android based application development from 2011.
Soundwin's main product lines are:
‧ Android All in One Panel PC
‧ Debian Linux All in One Panel PC
‧ Android Bar-Type Digital Signage
‧ Android Digital Signage Player
‧ Android PCBA (Rockchip main board)

These products are suitable for below applications:
‧ Point-of-sale dynamic information
‧ Transit arrival / departure displays
‧ Electronic menu boards
‧ Management information charting
‧ Kiosk
‧ Door access control / Intelligent Security Monitoring…
Furthermore, Soundwin’s products are best choices for retail, restaurant, shopping mall, store, hotel, school, hospital, station or bank…

Soundwin's Philosophy
Soundwin offer Android Panel PC / Digital Signage Solution. Soundwin’s products are built with these characteristics:
‧ Easy to install, use, and manage
‧ Superior and reliable content delivery over internet.
‧ Interoperability with other HDMI products.
‧ Total solution in Android Panel PC / Digital Signage

Soundwin Network Inc. is also solution provider of Rockchip CPU in Taiwan.
Soundwin provides one-stop service for both software and hardware customization based on Rockchip chipset, such as Rockchip RK3399 CPU、Rockchip RK3288 CPU、Rockchip PX30 CPU、Rockchip RK3328 CPU、Rockchip RK3368 CPU、Rockchip RK3399 PRO CPU…
Except customization for hardware main board using Rockchip CPU, Soundwin is able to porting the Rockchip SDK and developing the software for Firefly.
Soundwin already helped customers to their products and system for Android OS, Ubuntu OS and Debian Linux OS based on Rockchip main board in the past year, below are few cases for example,
‧ North America: Android fitness control solution for rowing machine customization
‧ France: Android medical hospital tablet and bedside information tablet customization
‧ Mainland China: Android surveillance face recognition system in elevator customization
‧ Taiwan: Android outdoor digital signage customization
‧ Taiwan: Android access control system customization...

Core Competence, Key to Success
Soundwin’s products utilize the most advanced technologies like Android, NFC, iBeacon, 443MHz Receiver... With these extensive range technologies, Soundwin is not only able to provide a highly diverse range of products integrated Android solutions, but is also able to provide customized software and hardware to meet the specific needs of customers, which enabling Soundwin to become a key player in the global Panel PC / Digital Signage equipment market.