SIP/H.323 VoIP Gateway
VoIP Gateway

VoIP Gateway H.323/SIP S800(8FXS)

VoIP Gateway

Product Series Link:
S200 series(2 Port Gateway),S400 series(4 Port Gateway),S800 series(8 Port Gateway),S1600 series(16 Port Gateway),S2400 series(24 Port Gateway)

SIP/H.323 VOIP Gateway S800 Series
S800 series:
S800: 1WAN, 1LAN, 8FXS
S802: 1WAN, 1LAN, 6FXS, 2FXO
S804: 1WAN, 1LAN, 4FXS, 4FXO
S808: 1WAN, 1LAN, 8FXO

S800 series VoIP Gateway allows the customer to call over VoIP to save the international call fee and no need to change the dial behavior. S800 series gateways provide 8 FXS/FXO connect the analog phone, PABX trunk/extension card or PSTN line, support 8 voice channels.

‧ support SIP or H.323 protocol
‧ Voice channels status display, easy to manage.
‧ Web-Based Graphical UI Configuration, easy to configure.

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SIP/H.323 VOIP Gateway S800 Series 8 FXS/FXO

VoIP Key Features:
‧ Both support SIP and H.323 protocols:
‧ SIP Registration and Digest Authentication; H.323 Gatekeeper Registration.
‧ SIP Single Number / Account for multiple ports.
‧ Caller ID Delivery: FXS support DTMF Caller ID generation.
‧ Smart VoIP call Dialing Book: VoIP call Book could provide any application VoIP call to any type destination (Domain name / IP address, PSTN or PBX) or hunting number setting.
‧ AC termination Impedance : 600/900 OHM and complex impedance
‧ Answer Supervision for Polarity Reversal Detection and Voice detection
‧ NAT traversal: This feature allow gateway to operate behind any NAT/Firewall device. Need not to change any configuration of NAT/Firewall like setting virtual server.
‧ Smart-QoS Guaranteed: This bandwidth management feature provide good voice quality when user place a VoIP call and access internet at the same time. The gateway will automatically start to reserve bandwidth for voice traffic when VoIP call proceeds.
‧ Call Hunting Facility: This function helps gateway to use the lines effectively. This facility automatically transfers your incoming call to a free line. Subscribers need not indicate numerous numbers of each port of gateway.
‧ Voice channels status display: This function display each port status like as onhook, offhook, calling number callee’s number, talk duration, codec.
‧ Flash Detection and Generation Program: FXO support Flash Generation and FXS support Flash Detection.
‧ FXO answer Mode: FXO provides Ringing Answer, Connection Answer and Non Answer for configuration.
‧ FXO anti-seized mechanism : FXO provides busy tone auto-learning and manually configuration busy tone learning..

Telephony Specification:
‧ Voice Codec: G.711(A-law /μ-law), G.729 AB, G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps)
‧ FAX support : T.30 / T.38
‧ Echo Cancellation: G.165/G168
‧ FXS Tone Table Configuration: Support tone frequency and cadence configuration
‧ FXO hang up detection / anti-seized : Busy Tone Learning Automatically / Manual Busy Tone Learning.
‧ Answer supervision: Support Battery Reverse Detection and Voice Detection.
‧ FXO answer delay time: Support delay 0 – 8000 ms to answer.
‧ Adjustable AC Termination Impedance : 600 / 900 OHM and complex Impedance
‧ Failsafe Mechanism (FXS relay to FXO) :
‧ Power failed bypass support
‧ Internet Failed bypass (Optional)
‧ Registered Failed bypass (Optional)
‧ Unconditional bypass. (Optional)
‧ 12K Hz and 16K Hz Pulse Metering (Customized)
‧ FXS Battery Revere Generation
‧ Support MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) by SIP Notify.(Optional)

IP Specifications:
‧ H.323 v2/v3/v4 and SIP (RFC 3261) , SDP (RFC 2327), Symmetric RTP,
‧ STUN (RFC3489), ENUM (RFC 2916), RTP Payload for DTMF Digits (RFC2833), Outbound Proxy Support.
‧ LAN :Support Virtual Server, DHCP Server
‧ WAN: Support PPPoE client, DHCP client, Fix IP Address, DDNS client
‧ Network Address Translation: Providing build-in NAT router function.
‧ Smart QoS: Guarantee the voice bandwidth
‧ IP TOS (IP Precedence) / DiffServ

Call Features :
‧ Voice channels status display
‧ Direct Dialing Mode : peer to peer call (support IP Address Call or Domain Name Call)
‧ Register Call Mode : register to SIP Proxy Server or H.323 Gatekeeper
‧ DSP Adjustable volume : - 9 db ~ 9 db
‧ Silence Compression / VAD
‧ Auto Dial for speed
‧ Dynamic Jitter Buffer
‧ Hot-Line and Warm-Line Support

Configuration & Management:
‧ Web-based graphical user interface
‧ Remote management over the IP network
‧ RS232 for configuration
‧ FTP firmware upgrade
‧ Backup and Restore Configuration file
‧ Syslog client support
‧ FTP method Auto-Provision (Optional)

General Specification of S800 series gateways:

AC power : AC100V-240V, DC12V/1.5A,50/60 Hz
Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (Operation)
Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing
Emission: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark
RoHS Compliant
Dimension : 260 x 130 x 35 mm
Weight: 1200g (Aluminum)

Product Series Link:
S200 series(2 Port Gateway),S400 series(4 Port Gateway),S800 series(8 Port Gateway),S1600 series(16 Port Gateway),S2400 series(24 Port Gateway)